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Free live workshop

Three Secrets to

Create Consistency in Your Nutrition

And Feel Better in your body


In this workshop you'll learn to:

Get to the root cause of food struggles

so you can get food "figured out" and move on!

Work with your body to feel your best

instead of feeling like it's always working against you.

Create consistency in your nutrition

while nurturing a drama-free relationship with food.


This workshop could literally change your life.

Tired of spending so much time and energy obsessing over food choices and fixating on the scale?

You're not alone.

But maybe you're stuck in the messy middle…

On one hand, you can look back on years of past diets or "lifestyle changes" and recognize that it's just not working.

But on the other hand, the prospect of leaving behind the strict food rules feels totally overwhelming.

There is a path forward.

Join me to learn how to live in the sweet spot between consistent nutrition and food freedom.

A personal invitation from Claire...

I spent over a decade of my life on diets.

I know what it's like to feel like all your brain space is taken up by day-to-day food choices.

And I also know what it's like to feel totally lost when faced with the prospect of just "not dieting."

But through my own personal journey, over five years in practice as a Registered Dietitian, and coaching hundreds of women in Flourish, I've developed a framework for the mindset shifts and practical strategies necessary to ditch diets and get healthy for good.

You'll get it all in the upcoming workshop. So choose your time and I'll see you there!