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Read some of the incredible transformations our members have had while in Flourish.

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"I no longer feel like I am living my life either all on the health/nutrition wagon or completely off that wagon. I've finally found the balance and the ease that I've been looking for and as a result, I am the happiest and the healthiest I have been in a long time."
I am no longer a slave to calories, diets and social media pressure. I am in touch with my own values and act on those instead of what the world wants me to act on. I am now able to coach myself through difficult situations instead of feeling paralyzed. I feel powerful, confident and hope all women someday know a feeling like this. We all deserve it.
To say this program is life-changing is an understatement. Claire and her incredible team have opened a door to the world of health, freedom, confidence, and body-love that I didn’t even know existed.
I have struggled for years with the diet-binge cycle and this program has helped me break free of that mindset. For the first time in my life, I am using food as nourishment for my body and not punishment. This program gave me the tools and support to implement healthy routines.
I truly believed I would struggle with food and body image for the rest of my life. For the first time in almost 15 years, I am so proud to say that I feel like I am finally on the path to freedom.
Flourish gives you the tools to rewire your thinking for LIFE, in any situation that comes your way with science-based approaches.
I'm blown away not only by the content but by the coaches - their knowledge and compassion is unlike anything I've worked with in the past. The community has been another blessing knowing you're not the only one feeling how you feel. This program is definitely a game changer!
My experience in Flourish has been absolutely transformative. I had been dieting since middle school, and realized how much obsessing with food and weight was holding me back from focusing on things in my life that are more important like my faith, family, and career! I feel the healthiest and freest I’ve ever been.
"I feel healthier, happier, more relaxed, confident, supported, self assured, introspective, and mindful. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I am so happy to be a part of this community."
I didn't believe I could live a life of balance and moderation and Flourish has provided me with tools and support to see what I'm capable of. I always thought I would struggle with food, weight, binging and restriction and I just don't feel that way anymore.
The confidence I’ve created with Flourish has trickled out to other areas of my life - my relationships, my performance at work, and the way I deal with life’s challenges. This program has helped me create the life I’ve been dreaming about for years.
Flourish has allowed me to break free of the diet mindset I have known since I was 13.
Flourish has helped me change my relationship with food and my body.
I finally feel at peace for the first time since I can remember!
The work that I did in Flourish changed the way I look at life drastically. Within 12 weeks, I found a more beautiful version of myself than I have ever known.
The work I did in Flourish helped me connect to myself in a way that I didn’t even know was possible or that I was missing. It is truly one of the best investments I've made in myself.
Flourish has been life changing for me. I have been able to redirect my mindset, my body image, my confidence and ultimately my happiness with both my physical and mental self.
Flourish was such a great and helpful program to kickstart my health goals. It provided me with the ability to really understand my goals and helped me create ways to meet them. The amount of support in this program is amazing.
You can "know" what you "need" to do, but without language, community, accountability and showing up for yourself, it is difficult to actually do it. I have enjoyed Flourish because it has allowed me to make and keep a promise to myself- to put myself and my body first.
Flourish made me realize that so much of my issues around weight, body image, and food were about my mindset. Talking with a like minded group of women every week was the support system that I didn’t know that I needed!
I am recommending Flourish to everyone because it is the only thing I have ever done for myself that has provided change/progress in a beautiful, kind and thoughtful way.
Before Flourish, I was lost when it came to nutrition/movement. Now, I am moving and grooving with a workout routine that I will do because I actually enjoy it, I learned ways to make peace with food, and I have less anxiety when it comes to what I consume.
I've completely reshaped my approach to health and wellness and I'm eternally grateful.
This program gave me the tools and support to implement healthy routines.
Flourish is so much more than a means to cope with yo-yo dieting, it treats the whole body/person and sets you up for success and living your best life!
Flourish was so much more than a nutrition program for me. It was a mind-blowing process of self-realization and reflection.
Flourish has proven to be the best ROI of anything I purchased this year. Not only is the information invaluable, but the personal relationships built is something you can't put a value on. If you have been talking about making a change, but need to do less talking and take more action, this program is a good fit for you.
Flourish has honestly changed my entire life. I am a more confident, positive and efficient person.
Claire and the Flourish team have changed my life! I am on my way to living a sustainable, healthy lifestyle that I always knew I was capable of.
I am more confident and happy in my skin than I was 90 days ago.
I have truly learned how to allow food to be a part of my life in a new way; I am excited about filling my meals with vegetables and cooking new and interesting things with friends, family and myself!


This could be you.

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