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Create consistent health habits with shame-free nutrition and body image coaching.

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The Flourish Approach

Shame-free coaching

Grow through gentle accountability and steady progress. We’re your support system, not your drill sergeants.

100% worthiness

Our approach is built on the belief that you are already 100% worthy of a flourishing life.

For women, by women

Find connection and community in a safe, inclusive space for all who identify as women.

Whole-body health

Develop a sustainable strategy for your health as a whole. It's so much more than just food and fitness.

Non-diet, weight-inclusive

Forget the scale. How you feel matters more than what you weigh.


Pick your
initial focus

We offer coaching and tools to support you in three core areas: food and nutrition, body image, and self-care and confidence.


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first session

Meet with your matched coach to get clear on how Flourish can help you prioritize your health while healing from diet culture.


Follow your growth path

As you meet with your coach, you’ll get curated content added to your growth path to help you progress toward your goals and build new health habits.

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Private and group coaching

Get personalized support from your Flourish coaches. Book a one-on-one session or send your coach a message to work through challenges and receive actionable steps to reach your goals.

Woman holding a cell phone talking to a Flourish coach.A group of women of varying body sizes wearing athletic clothing, standing together.

Women-centered community

Surround yourself with women who celebrate your wins and support you through challenges. No more feeling alone in your journey to heal your relationship with food and your body.

Short and sweet
wellness lessons

Cut through the clutter with evidence-based lessons that help provide clarity and direction. Get the lessons and activities you need when you need them, based on your focus.

What does it mean to Flourish?

Explore the incredible transformations.

Flourish has given me so much more than just freedom in terms of food. It has helped me push past the fears and pressures of expectations that held me back from doing and being who I truly wanted to be. To say that Flourish has been life changing would be an understatement.

Before Flourish, there was a lot of noise constantly surrounding me. Now, I feel like there is calm.

Flourish has been more than I could have hoped for or imagined. I feel healthier, happier, more relaxed, confident, supported, self assured, introspective, and mindful. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I am so happy to be a part of this community.

Heal your relationship with food and your body.

Explore our free membership to know if Flourish is right for you.

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One-on-one non-diet nutrition and body image coaching via video, voice, or chat.


Weight-inclusive approach to your physical and mental health.


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