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Join us as Claire offers practical tips and hosts insightful conversations to help you sustain healthy habits and nourish your body so you can Flourish in life.

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Life-Changing Approach to Health & Body Image!

Could not rave enough about Claire and her team at Flourish for providing what feels like a revolutionary approach to health and nutrition. They provide real, rational explanations (based in data, research, and real

Great podcast!

Love the short format and all that's packed into the episodes. Easy to digest without overwhelm. Love Claire's coaching style and voice, she's got a great soothing podcast voice. Excited for what's to come!

Such great messages!

We could all use more help loving our bodies more, Claire's message has helped me re think how I think about my "goals" health wise .

Stop scrolling and listen to this podcast

Claire is so good at breaking down concepts in easy to understand ways. I also enjoy that she talks about mindset and habits around food rather than just the food itself. Learning so much. Highly recommend.

Great podcast!

Love listening to this very insightful podcast.

Shaady G
Highly recommend - relatable content

Claire has an amazing ability to connect with people and audiences and does so in a powerful way through this podcast. I love how she leaves listeners with tangible action items to further empower listeners in allowing them to explore

One of my favorite podcasts!

These episodes are short and sweet but provide so much amazing information. I love her outlook on living a healthy sustainable lifestyle. After years of dieting, this is such a fresh and positive view the life I want to live.

Informative, motivating and accessible!!

I love this podcast because the information is attuned to the realities of wanting a balanced and healthy life. The episodes are a perfect length and I always learn new things!

Gentle motivation

Claire shares amazing tips on here that are so huma and so gentle. This is not a push hard podcast. Claire understands where we're coming from and how to motivate effectively.

Heal your relationship with food and your body.

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