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Five women sitting around a table with fruit, cake, and other food. A couple of the women have drinks and everyone looks like they're having a great time.

Before Flourish, there was a lot of noise constantly surrounding me. Now, I feel like there is calm.

Gabby G.

“I cannot recommend Flourish enough! I came in disconnected, distrustful, and feeling so much pain surrounding my relationship with my body and with food. Flourish gives you tools to rewire your thinking for LIFE, in any situation that comes your way with science-based approaches. I finally feel normal around food and my body.”

Emily M.
Image of Flourish member Emily M.Image of Flourish member Dominique D.

“Flourish has literally changed my life - for the better! I am no longer consumed by thoughts of food 24/7. I've become so much more accepting of my body and I've gained the knowledge to not just nourish my body but also my soul. I enjoy my social life without anxiety. This program has been FREEING!”

Dominique D.
Orange county, CA

“Flourish has given me so much more than just freedom in terms of food. It has helped me push past the fears and pressures of expectations that held me back from doing and being who I truly wanted to be. To say that Flourish has been life changing would be an understatement.”

Kristin L.
Washington d.c.
On average, in 2-3 months
Flourish members experience:


increased self-trust.


decrease in
emotional eating.


decrease in
restrict-binge behaviors

“I am recommending Flourish to everyone because it is the only thing I have ever done for myself that has provided progress in a beautiful, kind, and thoughtful way.”

Birmingham, al

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