My decade of diets and how I quit for good

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Show notes

One of the regular group calls we do in the Flourish membership is a “share your story” call. It’s powerful stuff.

If you’re living with food or body image struggles, you may feel like you’re on your own. Like you’re the only one who’s ever felt crazy around food, or that you must have the most negative self-talk when it comes to your body. And that feeling of alone-ness can bring up so much shame.

What Claire has learned from Brené Brown (a PhD researcher of all things courage, vulnerability, empathy, and shame) is that shame can’t survive empathy. So, on that call, as our members open up and share their stories out loud, they are met with a flood of empathy. And this allows them to leave their shame behind as they progress through this incredible journey to flourishing.

We hope this episode gives you a taste of that experience. While we’re not chatting over coffee trading war stories, you may hear some of your experience in Claire's, and we hope that helps you feel seen, heard, understood, and held.

And we also hope that through Claire's journey to flourishing and the confidence that ensues, you recognize that there is a way out. That none of what you’re struggling with right now is a foregone conclusion. There’s life on the other side of dieting.

In this episode, Claire gets very personal and shares her journey through a decade of diets and the four big lessons she learned along the way.


Program note: Hey, glad you’re enjoying the podcast! In this episode, you might hear Claire talking about Nutritional Freedom and Foundations. Since we launched the podcast in 2020, we've undergone a makeover to improve the membership experience. For more, listen to our "And we're back! All the updates!" episode.

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