The problem with body positivity

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In a world where women are taught and conditioned to hate their bodies, deciding to love yourself is a really radical idea. In this episode, Claire discusses the body positivity movement and  the problems that arise for the people based on their interpretation of the movement or even the simple idea of being “body positive.”

Body positivity may, at face value, feel inaccessible if you aren’t in a place where you currently accept, like, love, or feel neutral about your body. We explore the concepts of body acceptance, body neutrality, and what we think of as a foundational baseline: body respect.

Pursuing body positivity isn’t the only way to feel better about your body. The way I see it, you deserve to feel at home in your body. And you get to define what that means for you. You get to decide what you want to feel about your body. But putting that wall up and thinking, “That’s not for me,” likely isn’t going to help you move forward.


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