How to not freak out about the holidays

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The holiday season is just around the corner, and though it may feel very different for a lot of us this year, the potential stress and anxiety that this season can bring up likely remains. You may feel anxiety about social gatherings in general or about seeing certain family members who historically use the holidays as an opportunity to make comments about your body and appearance. You might be nervous about eating the big meals, the special family foods, and all the yummy desserts... and then the resulting feelings of wanting to "work off" all that food in the new year.

In this episode, Claire explores how to be intentional about navigating food and body image challenges at upcoming holiday gatherings. Whether you are planning responses to your mother-in-law (or insert any other loved one here) or working on honoring your hunger and fullness cues at holiday meals, planning ahead can help ease the anxiety going into this busy season.


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