Introducing the new Flourish mobile experience

The new Flourish app introduces new and exciting features that provides you with on-demand access to the support you need, in the ways you need it.

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Healing from diets is not an easy path, and it’s especially difficult when you feel alone in your journey. With diet culture messaging pervasive on social media, in the news, and sometimes even in our homes, there’s no substitute for shame-free support from real, experienced experts.

Over the last six months, we’ve interviewed customers and worked with our coaches to design an app that provides you with on-demand access to the support you need, in the ways you need it.

Available for iPhone and Android, the new Flourish app introduces new and exciting features.

Meet your matched coach

Our certified Intuitive Eating counselors and licensed therapists have helped many women heal from food and body struggles and craft a sustainable, non-diet approach to their health and wellness.

During sign-up, we’ll match you with a coach who best aligns with your current focus and availability. Your matched coach will help guide you through your Flourish journey and be your main point of contact as you get started.  We also recognize that your goals might change, so you’ll always have full access to our coaching team during your membership.

Focus and goals

When you create your account, you’ll pick a focus area: food and nutrition, body image, or self-care and confidence. (Don’t worry, you’ll be able to tackle more areas as you progress!)

Within your selected focus area, you’ll set your first goal.

Growth assessment and progress tracking

Once you choose a focus area, you’ll take a growth assessment. This will serve as your baseline, and every 45 days you can re-take the assessment and see how the goal and habits you’ve committed to are impacting your mental and physical health.

Updated growth path experience

Your growth path is your home base in the app. This page is a dynamic, custom map to help you reach your selected goal. As you continue to meet with your coach, they’ll handpick relevant activities and content just for you. Your growth path will also feature upcoming private and group calls, relevant lessons, interactive activities and so much more.

Tell us what you think!

At Flourish, we are creating an experience to help women believe they’re inherently worthy in the body they’re in. We’re passionate provide women with accessible, shame-free, and weight-inclusive support to heal from diet culture and take care of their whole selves.

If you haven’t yet downloaded Flourish, it’s available in the App Store and Play Store. We’re offering everyone who downloads the app a 20 minute coaching session, no credit required!

We are so excited to hear what you think of the new experience. Send us your feedback at or submit bugs directly to our team.

Headshot of Claire Siegel
Claire Siegel
Co-founder, CEO
Claire Siegel is the founder and CEO of Flourish. Claire has made it her life’s mission to help women create a sustainable approach to their physical and mental well-being.
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