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Three signs your relationship with food is healthy

Recognizing the signs of a healthy relationship with food will allow you to develop awareness and work on strengthening this important relationship.

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Food is an integral part of our lives. It's our source of energy and should make us feel good. However, it isn't always that way. Recognizing the signs of a healthy relationship with food will allow you to take the correct steps to strengthen this relationship.

1. You don’t feel guilt, shame, or regret about what you eat.

A healthy relationship with food is one in which your eating decisions are driven by factors that reflect your values and priorities—factors like health, pleasure, and convenience—and not by a sense of food guilt or regret.

Guilt, shame, and regret aren't helpful emotions in most situations, but they’re definitely not helpful for your relationship with food. If you feel guilty or ashamed after eating something, that can lead to a vicious cycle where you restrict yourself in an attempt to make up for the “bad” thing you ate, which can lead to more binge-eating and guilt later.

If you’re feeling guilty about something you ate, take a moment to ask yourself: What's the real problem here? Is it that you ate too much food? Or is it that you violated some rule (whether created by yourself or someone else) about what foods are “good” and “bad?”

2. You eat pretty much the same way, whether you’re with other people or by yourself.

If you find yourself eating differently when you’re with other people than when you’re alone—for example, if you eat more at meals with friends than when dining solo—that’s probably a sign that your eating habits are being influenced by people whose opinions matter to you (for better or worse).

3. You don't routinely eat to the point of discomfort.

Everyone overeats from time to time, and it’s no big deal. But if you find yourself in a pattern of overeating—especially at night or on the weekend—that may be a sign that your relationship with food isn't in the best place.

Having a healthy relationship with food is the goal here. Your relationship with food is unique to you, and you should make sure that your choices are ones that you feel good about. Take some time to reflect on how these signs apply to your life, how you feel about food, and what kind of relationship you have with it.

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