Your body is the key to your dream life

Your body is the key to your dream life…

...But not in the way you think.

Not in the, “Meet Christy! Christy lost 59 pounds on Jenny Craig! Look how happy she is now! Look at her shiny life! Look at her sexy yet serious business woman dress and stilettos! Look at her hot new boyfriend!”

Oh gosh, I definitely don’t mean it that way.

I mean that, like it or not, your body is part of you.

It’s the vehicle that takes you through life.

And that’s why struggling with poor body image or being the victim of judgment (or fear of judgment) because of how your body looks can be so debilitating. Feeling bad in your body sucks.

It can cause you to doubt yourself at work.

It can keep you from standing up to your jerk of a boss.

It can hold you back from starting the side hustle you’ve been dreaming of.

It can keep you from dating.

It can cause you to recoil when your partner touches you.

It can cause you to seek acceptance from emotionally unavailable partners.

It can cause you to engage in dangerous numbing behaviors.

It can cause you to doubt your inherent value or worth.

The way you feel about your body matters, and it’s not about how you look in jeans or a bikini. (Though that may matter to you too, and there’s nothing wrong with that.)

Healing your relationship to your body is the key to your dream life. But that healing work itself and what that healing work will lead to is completely up to you.

Practicing body respect while walking your chosen line of body positivity, acceptance, neutrality, liberation, or some combination thereof will help you create your dream life. 

And you deserve the opportunity to create your dream life.